Sport Psychology Services


Individual Sessions

50-min Sport Psychology sessions to transform your issues, mindset and psychological skills, so you feel in control and maximise your potential

Online Sport Psychology

Practical, flexible, face-to-face online sport psychology via Zoom or Teams without having to leave your home or search “sports psychologist near me”

Performance Workshops

Practical, interactive sessions educate your team with mental techniques and strategies to improve their game

Sport Psychology for Young Athletes

Learning mental skills early transforms your junior athletes trajectory and gets them ahead of competition

Mindset Packages

Online sessions starting from



  • 1x 50-min individual session
  • Psychological Assessment

50 mins




  • 12x individual sessions
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Mental Conditioning Tasks
  • Whatsapp / Email support
  • Mindset Planner
  • Mindset MOT

12 weeks


World Class


  • 2x weekly sessions
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Mental Conditioning Tasks
  • Whatsapp / Email support
  • Mindset Planner
  • Mindset MOT
  • Competition Observation

6 month minimum

Monthly Fee

The Process

  • Fill in Contact Form

    Fill in your details and a brief message and expect to hear back from us within 48 hours

  • Free Discovery Call

    Free initial 10-min phone call to match you with the best sports psychologist for your issue and sport

  • Psychological Assessment

    We conduct an initial 1-on-1 psychological assessment to identify areas for improvement

  • Bespoke Mindset Plan

    We develop a bespoke mindset plan of sessions, tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals

  • New Mindframe

    We equip you with psychological skills and a new mindframe for positive, long term change and improvement

  • High Performance & Enjoyment

    Ready to transform your mindset?

    Our Results

    British Steeplechase Champion 2023 – “Instrumental in my success”

    Poppy Tank


    Won the Clutch Pro Tour Order of Merit –
    “My golf has reached a new level”

    Giles Evans


    Won the National Championships –“Helped transform my life”

    Awais Hussain


    Six Nations call up



    Cured Yips – “back to my best and in control”



    Regained Confidence & Place on Team



    Downward spiral to Top 5 at nationals


    Downhill MTB

    Overcame long-term injury





    How long does a Sport Psychology session last?

    A Sport Psychology Consultation lasts for 50 minutes, but they can sometimes run over so it’s best to allow an hour.

    How many Sport Psychology sessions do I need?

    It varies from person to person depending on your situation, ability, level and goals. It’s often not a one session thing and we usually recommend 6 sessions. This gives a nice amount of time to work through some tools, techniques and strategies. We’re solution focused but also ensure we create psychological change for long-term, lasting effects and improvement.

    How regularly should I have Sport Psychology sessions?

    You can space sessions out as much as you please. We usually recommend one session a week or every 2 weeks to start with. After that we can see you weekly, monthly or as often as you please. We understand you have a busy schedule and like to be flexible around your needs.

    What happens in a Sport Psychology session?

    It varies from session to session. Our sessions are tailored to the individual and are planned based on your presenting issue and goals. We ask questions to develop your self-awareness, we set you up with tools and techniques that are ready to apply and we help you remove any barriers or train you with psychological skills to boost your performance and help you get out of your own way.

    Will I have to do anything in between Sport Psychology sessions?

    Yes! We’re big on tools and techniques and to make them your default response, they need practising. We stay away from pen and paper homework but set challenges and mental training for you to practice certain tools and skills in training and games in between sessions, so the tools we teach can be brought to life and maximum benefits can be achieved.

    What can I expect from the first session?

    In the first session, we look to build the relationship and trust so you feel comfortable talking to us. We ask you lots of questions to try and figure out any issues, symptoms, causes, triggers, strengths and weaknesses, so we best know how to support you. From this information, we create a bespoke mindset plan to specifically target your needs and help you achieve your goals.

    Do you offer Online Sport Psychology sessions?

    Yes! We work with clients all over the country and the world. We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of Online Sport Psychology and have adapted our practice to suit online delivery. We value face-to-face connection, which is why we deliver sessions on video conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

    Who can benefit from Sport Psychology?

    Everyone! We work with sportspeople of all ages, abilities and levels ranging from elite athletes and some of the best in the world, all the way down to junior athletes and grass roots.

    Are Sport Psychology sessions confidential?

    Yes. Any information shared in the sessions will stay strictly between us. We work to a code of conduct and it’s important that the information you share in sessions stays private.

    What’s the best age to start Sports Psychology?

    There’s no right or wrong age to start but we often say the earlier the better. It’s great to train in mental habits early to gain a competitive advantage and get ahead of competition. Sport Psychology can skyrocket your trajectory and fastrack your rate of improvement.

    Is Sport Psychology suitable for juniors?

    Yes! Around 50% of our clients are junior athletes and we recommend training in good habits young. Many members of our team are young, relatable and specialise in working with junior athletes by adapting sessions so they’re fun, engaging and memorable.

    Is Sport Psychology for my mental health?

    This is a grey area. Whilst we are trained mental health first aiders and provide support for both sport and general mental wellbeing, we are not specific mental health practitioners. If we identify a clear mental health issue that is unrelated to sport, then this is beyond our remit and we will refer you to get the best help possible.

    What sport is Sport Psychology most beneficial for?

    All sports can benefit from Sport Psychology. The most popular sports that we work in are Football, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Athletics, Boxing, MMA and Showjumping. We’ve worked in over 65 different sports (more than you could name!) and apply unique insights and strategies learnt from each, so you gain the maximum benefit from sessions.

    What are the next steps that I should take?

    Click “get in touch”  just below and fill in the contact form. We’ll be in touch for a free 10-minute discovery call. In this fast paced phone call, we get to know you (or your child), understand your issues, goals and reasons for “get in touch”. We’ll then match you up with the best Performance Psychologist specialist for your sport, age, ability and issues.

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